Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Back in the ICU

Dad is back in the ICU.  His situation is very serious.

CT scan results showed that the left lung is better than the right, but the left bronchial branch is completely closed off (presumably tumor pressing it shut).  The right bronchial branch is fully open, but the right lung is very compromised with pneumonia.  There is some pleural effusion.  

One of the nurses and one of the doctors, on different occasions, said that the outlook was very bad.

Other than the Dilaudid causing him to be a bit loopy, he is very cogent when his O2 saturation is good.  When it isn't good, he is very out of it, eyes rolling back, etc.  His O2 saturation ranges from 70% to 100%.  He is on a BPAP mask as he refused intubation.  He has also given a very broad do not resuscitate order.  In relation to the intubation refusal, he said, paraphrasing, "instead of intubating me, just shut me down with morphine.  I've just about had it.  I've had enough."

His breathing is very labored.  It reminds me a lot of when my daughter Eva was a newborn and developed RSV.  You can see his stomach trying to suck in to help draw air into the lungs.

He seems to be cogent, at peace, and just wants to stop hurting.

I love him.  I hope tonight goes the way he wants it to.


  1. Dear Dave,

    We hope your son will read this message to you. Please know that you, your wife and precious family are in our prayers this evening. You've done so much for others to make them laugh and give them hope while you posted, as you went through and are going through so much dealing with this horrific cancer. No matter what you were going through, we could see that positive spirit in your words. We feel your pain. Scott started his MCC battle when he was 14. We pray for comfort and peace for you Dave. Our hearts and prayers are with you all, and Judy ... we are praying for you.

    Diane and Scott

  2. This must be so hard on all of you...I am so sorry...blessings and peace to you all....