Sunday, February 12, 2012

Another "The Short of It"

Because I still am not up to writing "The Long Of It"
I have been home since last Wednesday when the Topotican was started, as a continuous drip. I am able to swallow with the stent, albeit not without pain. The pain has been controlled with Vicodin needing less and less, but still needing it at bedtime. I am sleeping better, but not well. At night and at other times as needed, Marinol was prescribed. It is basically synthetic marijuana, supposedly without the psychotropic effects but with the anti nausea properties. So far, it does make me drowsy and does reduce nausea.
Although I am able to eat, I have no desire to do so. I have to force myself to eat food, and I am still on the TPN. I have not had a bowel movement in about a week, but I do pass gas. Sometimes I burp up feculent gas. 
Listening to the Grammies tonight, I notice that my hearing is again deteriorating. I am also noting more neuropathy in my feet. 
I continue to have shortness of breath and coughing while trying to speak.
With that parade of complaints, I am still optimistic that this drug, the Topo will kill enough tumor to allow me a remission, where I can have some snippets of normal life. 
I hope to have the energy to post again, likely Wednesday after I see Dr. Flam.
Goodbye Whitney.
We will always love you.     YouTubeVideo


  1. You're a fighter and my thought are with you as you cope. hoping that the therapies will quickly improve your condition.

  2. Dear Dave,

    Me and Scott are hoping that the Topo does the job and gets rid of IT ALL !! Stay strong and we hope you get relief from the pain. You are a tough guy and you will get through it. I do have to say that I've never heard of burping up feculent gas. I think that is your sense of humor coming out during treatment ... that is a good thing ..and we commend you for stating it. When you've walked in our shoes on this MCC journey, nothing is sacred anymore during treatment. : )

    With faith and hope and many prayers for a big time remission,

    Diane and Scott

    caringbridge: scotthammond